Being Single…..

I’m single. Yes, I said it. And it’s not because I’m so much in love with myself. But that’s just the way it is.  I see every day tweets and posts from people saying that being in a relationship is overrated and being single is the new relationship. Well, they say the grass looks greener on the other side. From my side I can say being single is greatly overrated.
There are moments in your life that you want to share with someone special. There are moments when you want to talk to someone because you trust them and they mean something to you, Moments when you want to be the subject of someone’s affection and attention, Moments when you just want to be held, Moments when you want to look into someone’s eyes and see they are looking back at you with the same passion. And trust me; you can’t have that when you’re single.
I’m sure at this point; you’re probably thinking “Nooo…”, “Bro before Hoes”, “Best friends over boys” or some reason to justify the reason why you’re alone. Probably because you don’t want to admit I’m right or you don’t want to admit you’re wrong. I justify myself by saying “G’s for life.” But then all your friends would probably meet girls they like and then the boys’ time becomes their time or when your best friends meet boys they are crazy about and they spend all their time with them and you end up being the third wheel. The only thing worse than not having your our relationship is being the third party in someone else’s.
Some people are just really picky about what they want. Some guys are like they want a pretty girl with that perfect body all guys talk about, but then a girl can’t have that all the things that we all desire. She could be pretty and short. Her body could be perfect but then her face might not be so. Or girls who go about saying they’re looking for Mr. Perfect. That guy that’s tall, dark and handsome. Your Mr. Perfect can’t have everything. He’s definitely going to be flawed one way or the other. I’ve learnt that either ways you can’t always get what you want; you might have to make do with what you have.
It gets worse when your family makes subtle comments about your apparent lack of a love life. They mention things they think are funny but are meant to pass a point. Openly talk about that one cousin or sister or brother’s relationship hoping you catch the drift and bring someone home. They joke about marriages and wedding bells and bring out the old photo albums of their wedding to try and prove to you that you’re making the biggest mistake you can think of. They pawn you off to that family friend’s daughter or son hoping they made the effort to correct your pathetic mistake of a love life. And when that doesn’t work and all else fails they question themselves and wonder where they went wrong in your upbringing. They wonder if they didn’t bring you up in the Godly way. And they ask you the one question that makes every parent feel like a failure, the one question that questions your sexuality. “Are you gay?”            Of course you’re not gay but try and convince parents who haven’t seen you with a girl or with anyone else for that matter.
Forgive me for being a bit old-fashioned but at this age in your life I feel that entering into a relationship is because you see a future in it. I feel you should enter into relationships because there is an end goal. And the end goal of every relationship is marriage. Yes that word that so many people see to dread nowadays. That word that spells doom. The legendary lock, key and bolt that so many people are running away from like it’s a plague.  I think it’s a beautiful thing when people marry the ones they love. *Silent Shalla to Deke and Dele*
Relationships shouldn’t be a bore or a chore. If it is then it’s probably because you are in the wrong one. Sure there are ups and downs but nothing is or can be perfect. You just have to admit you have differences and work past them. Taking breaks for yourself are worth it after a bad break-up to clear your head and refocus yourself. But the one thing I refuse to admit is that relationships are overrated. It isn’t supposed to be if you are in one with someone you love.


9 thoughts on “Being Single…..

  1. i have bin soughtin for that smile eva since the sermon started buh you jux did this is nothing short of excellence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….yhu re indeed a maestro in writting!!

  2. *claims sub quietly* 😦 The worst part is, i have been given an ultimatum by my father to bring a guy home, and i’m not even 20 yet *hot tears*

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