TTG Journal: 06/22/13

I initially had plans to go home for the weekend, but apparently “the gods” had other plans in motion. Innocent guy thought TTG was starting Monday but then Thursday evening after exams had been done with and forgotten, they announced TTG for final year students while everyone else was going for departure service. I didn’t think too much about it till they announced that it would continue Saturday morning at 7 am.
All my plans had been scattered. I’d initially wanted to go home and drop my laptop because I felt that security would be lax during the period where only final year students would be in school alone, with all the other levels going home for their Long holiday. I would then pick up the iPad my brother had bought for me. But there was no way that would happen now.
I called the one person I knew would be able to help. Eni. I told her what had happened and how she should send my package to me. After a myriad of frantic calls, running around, it was settled.
A family friend was leaving school tomorrow and she would send my device before with the driver and I would send my laptop with my family friend. TTG started accordingly, I didn’t go early because I didn’t want anything to scatter the newly setup plan. I did go after a while, signed attendance and waited for a while before I decided I would leave. As I was about to leave the coordinator came in and announced that the bishop was coming.
The plans had been scattered again. My family friend had a sister in my course and they were going to wait to drop some things for her so I thought that all wasn’t lost. I could still rush out as soon as they were done, grab the device, sync my apps from my laptop and still give it to them to send home.
I did rush out as soon as they were gone, I did grab my device but it hadn’t been setup and it required an Internet connection to setup. There was none nearby and after trying every thing I could while waiting for my family friend to show up I still wasn’t ready. She was soon at the car and she didn’t even stay for long.

The driver had this cranky look in his eye after waiting for so long so I just thought “WTH!” And pulled my laptop down from the car with my iPad.
I set it up in the hall, and soon I was jolly holding my new iPad. My laptop was abandoned. Soon it was time for the evening session and I went with “le bestie”. Eventually the programme was over and we returned back to the hall and got noreos and a drink (living on noreos and a prayer)
Someone was shouting my name with desperation, “le bestie” and I came out and people were shouting “where is your laptop?”. Bobo was confused. I went up the stairs to my room. (Le bestie is on 200 and I’m on 400). Bestie followed soon after.
My wardrobe had been jacked, my iPad packaging was still there and so was every other thing except my laptop.
You know that look you give ur friend when the both of you know something other people don’t know. Well, that was the look I gave him, because my laptop wasn’t with me but with le bestie.
Apparently someone had heard the news and had decided to get lucky while we were away for TTG. I was blessed because I’d had a foreboding feeling about initially leaving my laptop in school and 400 floor was the most dangerous place because of the ceilings. The bandits had destroyed two of the toilets in their attempt and they had gotten away with stealing another laptop on the floor below.
Bestie and I were suprisingly cool about it. Some other people were taking panadol for a headache I didn’t even have.
But I wonder what would have happened if my laptop or iPad had been stolen?


To My Mom

To My Mother,

Mama mi, Iya mi, mami, mother, partner-in-crime, the most important woman in the world to me. You are my everything and more.

You who picked me up when I was at my lowest, dusting me, cleaning me and pulling me through my darkest moments. You who was there when no one was.

My confidante, my advisor, my no. 1 best friend. No one can take your place in my life.

You always know what to say when it is needed. You always listen, no matter what I want to say, no matter how small. You put us first, even above yourself, everything you’ve done you did for us, even sacrificing your happiness for us.

You are the strongest person I know, you are our rock and we would fall without you. You held us up even while you were sinking. I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

Oh you pretty woman! You deserve every happiness there is. Some people look from the outside, through their viewing glass and judge and make comments, but we who are on the other side of the glass know the truth. Take your peace, you deserve it.

From all of us to you, We wish you a happy birthday. With all the joys today brings and much more. I wish upon you all the blessings of The Lord and I wish I was there with you to celebrate.
We love you. 😍

Happy birthday mum.