Am I crazy? I don’t think so. I just get this loud ringing in my ears and then I do shit that I wouldn’t normally do. Like the time I got the gun. All I remember is the loud ringing in my ears started and I went out and got a gun. I woke up the next morning and saw a gun in my bag. I didn’t have the courage to remove it.
Or like the time I walked all the way to work. I know I walked out of the house and the ringing started and I was at work. I’ve accepted the ringing and I have the good sense to put an earpiece on – even though I’m not listening to music – so that I can feign that the music i was listening to was loud when someone talks to me and I don’t reply.
The ringing started when my boyfriend of 6 – I know, who dates a guy for six years – years broke up with me. We had started dating from our third year in school and then all of a sudden he broke up with me, over a candlelight dinner just when I thought he was going to propose. He didn’t even give me a reason and he left me with the check.
I calmly paid for the meal, got into my car and then the loud ringing started and I drove through traffic like a crazy bitch on heat. After that the ringing continued. It’s been a month now. A month since the ringing started and a month since my boyfriend of – but seriously – 6 years broke up with me.
I was home alone today in my apartment. The ringing started and I got into the shower, shaved, bathed and oiled myself. I sprayed my most seductive perfume, put on my tightest gown that showed off my curves in all the right places and got into my car. By the time the ringing stopped I was right in front of his house.
I let myself into the main gate. I still had all his keys. The one thing he didn’t take from me. I crossed the distance between the gate and the house in a couple of steps – which wasn’t easy in the heels I was wearing – and knocked on his door. I didn’t want to just barge into someone’s house.
After a couple of knocks he didn’t answer, and so I walked round to the window of his bedroom. His drapes were put apart and I could see into the room. There was a girl on his bed – naked – bouncing up and down. I spotted the tattoo on her back and I recognized it instantly.
“Joy”, three letters, the only thing that marred her light skin, the one tattoo that was familiar to me like my right hand. The one tattoo on my sister’s back – the only sister I had and who was supposed to come over today and keep me company.
And then I spotted him. His dark skin in contrast to hers. He was naked too. He sat up and hugged her close, the both of them moving to a single rhythm.
The ringing started and I pulled out the gun and fired.


3 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. Soo I love the way it’s started, captivating, n Jis wen I started to lose myself innit,u snapped me back to reality, screw u! Where’s the next one before smthing rings in my ears and dey cnt find u -____-

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