Her Dreams (Part II)

Before you proceed, you should (if you haven’t) read the prologue Her Dreams (Part I) here

She felt a tap on her shoulders. She didn’t remember dozing off on the ground. The cold and the exhaustion must have helped her off. She took a moment to readjust to her new surroundings.
The events of the night came back in a rush. She dared not go back to Sade’s room. She looked up to see the person that had tapped her back to reality. It was one of Sade’s neighbors. An Igbo man with fair skin, a round head and a belly that preceded him. She never really paid any attention to him before. He was after all not on her list of priorities.
She couldn’t see his face clearly in the dark but she could feel he was smiling at her.
“I was dey come from the bathroom when I see say you dey sleep for ground.” He said, his accent thick on his words. “You and your sister fight?”
Abiola wasn’t however, in the mood to explain to him that Sade wasn’t her sister. She didn’t even know what Sade was to her now. She just nodded a reply to him.
“Sorry hehn, I get space for my room o, you fit come sleep there. I no like how you dey sleep for ground. Bia come inside”
Sade peeked her head through the doorway of the open room, it was quite spacious. Maybe because he didn’t have as much junk as Sade did. Or maybe his room was actually bigger. In truth the room was inviting. And the thought of a warm bed compared to the cold concrete compelled her in.
She picked the wrapper from the ground and made her way inside. She sat on the bed wondering if he would sleep on the soft carpeting on the floor. He dropped the bucket he had brought in from the bathroom in a corner of the room and turned to face her, his body still gleaming from the water that was on his body.
He kept adjusting the towel which hung loosely on his waist. And after a thought he let it fall to the floor.
“So how we go do this thing? You prefer bed or you wan do am for the carpet, we fit even stand, I be agile man. Cat way back no dey touch ground”
Abiola looked in horror at the sight in front of her. She hadn’t thought this had been his intention when he invited her into his room. His gentle manner had deceived her.
“Or you think say I no sabi wetin your sister dey do? I go even pay you extra sef”
She looked round the room for an exit but the only way out was through him and he was evidently ready for action. She was determined not to go down without a struggle even though it would prove fruitless.


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