To My Mom

To My Mother,

Mama mi, Iya mi, mami, mother, partner-in-crime, the most important woman in the world to me. You are my everything and more.

You who picked me up when I was at my lowest, dusting me, cleaning me and pulling me through my darkest moments. You who was there when no one was.

My confidante, my advisor, my no. 1 best friend. No one can take your place in my life.

You always know what to say when it is needed. You always listen, no matter what I want to say, no matter how small. You put us first, even above yourself, everything you’ve done you did for us, even sacrificing your happiness for us.

You are the strongest person I know, you are our rock and we would fall without you. You held us up even while you were sinking. I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

Oh you pretty woman! You deserve every happiness there is. Some people look from the outside, through their viewing glass and judge and make comments, but we who are on the other side of the glass know the truth. Take your peace, you deserve it.

From all of us to you, We wish you a happy birthday. With all the joys today brings and much more. I wish upon you all the blessings of The Lord and I wish I was there with you to celebrate.
We love you. 😍

Happy birthday mum.


The Travails Of A Young Christian

I woke up with a start, the light from the room blinding. I looked around and saw a couple of boys in my room all talking. I guess that was what woke me up.  Normally I’d do my personal devotion but there were too many people in the room and I prefer to do it with some peace and quiet. I turned on my laptop to check the time. It was some minutes after eleven and I had finished exams two days before. I was thankful to be done and relieved all at the same time.

I said a silent prayer to God for thanks because well, my God is able. I went down two flights of stairs to the buttery and well, there was a bit of a crowd. And right in front of me was a course mate of mine and I asked him to help me buy two loaves of Chelsea bread and a bottle of lacasera. He helped me of course. The relief in my mind that I didn’t have to struggle with all the other boys, I wasn’t in that state of mind.

And then my friend asked me for some of my Chelsea and I stretched it towards him and he cut half of the loaf for himself. Normally in situations like this I’d instantly get angry, after all he came to the buttery to get snacks himself, so why get so comfortable with mine? A small voice at the back of my mind whispered to me to be calm. And calm I was. I found my way back to my room and right outside the door to my room, another course mate of mine met me and asked me for some of my Chelsea. If you do the math I only have a loaf and a half of some sweet buttery Chelsea.

I stretch out the half loaf that is left to him and he cuts it into half. Leaving me with a loaf and a quarter and of course, my lacasera. In a little corner of my mine I think o well I can still live with that. And with that I enter my room to face the boys that are still there and well, the rest is history. I only remember taking a few bites of the Chelsea and I was left with some of my drink. I still had some of my bread and my lacasera and suddenly I didn’t feel too eager to eat again. Someone came into my room and asked for it and I gave it away.

It wasn’t till the departure service that night that I remembered that I had gone through the day with barely a few bites of Chelsea and some lacasera and I felt hungry. But it was the last night in school before the semester ended and there was never food unless you had gotten it earlier. I was totally prepared to sleep early after all. I was going to be home in the morning so what was a night without eating to me, but then I found (more like, remembered) a can of baked beans in my bag and so I borrowed a kettle from someone downstairs and heated it up.

A friend asks me what I’m eating for the night. They are all eating indomie. And I don’t eat indomie. L . I mention to him that I had found a can of baked beans in my bag and it was being heated up and he asks for a little bit of it to spice his indomie up. The indomie had been previously spiced with tuna fish and whatever. I guess the spicing wasn’t enough. -_-. I actually tell him no, and he gets angry and calls me selfish. My mind goes back to the event of the day and the Chelsea and I point out to him that he ate out of my Chelsea and I didn’t even eat much of it. He refuses to little to whatever I had to say and I shrug it off. I head to my room and my baked beans and I eat it and drink water.

I head downstairs to talk to a friend and as we talk I realized something. Being a Christian (I’m talking a true born again Christian) is one of the hardest things in the world; some people have described it as being impossible. You have to consider people other than yourself, giving is a kingdom rule because Christ made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross by giving his life for us on the cross to redeem us from the sting of the law and death. So who am I to withhold a few worldly possessions that eventually fade away? And there are so many other things in the picture, there are constant temptations and distractions. Nothing beats the feeling that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit but it requires efforts on our part.

I don’t regret making the choice to follow the Lord. I love him and he loves me and we have a personal relationship but I’m still considered new and well God is still pruning me…. it hurts sooo much, but I know I’ll come out beautiful.


Yes that is the name of my post. And it is also coincidentally (yes?) the name of one yellow girl in my course. Her name is Judith Bawa. And well I’m writing about her today. It was kind of a dare from Ayomide. So here I am, posting about Judith like I was dared to. (X_X)

Back when, before I became friends with Judith I used to think that she was this scandalous girl. She was everywhere. Most of the guys I knew had something to say about Judith. And well seeing as I didn’t know Judith well, I took their words and opinions at face value. (What else is a nigga supposed to do?)

Well things changed this final year alpha semester. One day, right before our ECO 419 class (Monetary economics, asin 419 you get the drift.) our lecturer was late and well Judith and I just started talking and well I realized that we had similar interests, (she has a crush on my crush. If you didn’t know that Rihanna was going to leave Chris Brown for me then you don’t know me. -_- )  And she wasn’t as bad as everyone made her out to seem. We skipped class and spoke for a couple of hours and well Judith is a fun person to hang out with.

She has even taken up on answering to “my crush” ( 🙂 ). All in all, I can say Judith is one of the nicest people I know, she is a fun person to hang with, there is never a dull moment with Judith, she is down to earth and real and she is a real yellow pawpaw. She is also a good friend.

I’m sure some people are wondering where I’m going with all this “talks” about Judith. Well I’m getting there. Up until I actually spoke with Judith I’ve had a low opinion about her, impressed on me by what I’ve heard about her but after we started speaking I realized two things: I actually like her (NOT like like, get your minds out of the gutters people, normal friendly like) and that you can’t judge someone based on what you’ve heard about them, (You shouldn’t even judge people. #ChristianFact.) Your relationships with people should be based on how YOU perceive and interact with them. Don’t let someone’s opinion about other people ruin what could have been a good friendship or relationship with someone. Decide for yourself how your relationships should be like.

I’m glad that well Judith and I became friend and she is someone I’ll love to have as my friend for years to come.

A Letter To My Lover

You were my first love. But I rejected your love to satisfy my own self desires and pleasures. I watched your heart break every time but I didn’t care, I was having fun. I watched your tears fall but I didn’t care about your pain only my pleasures. It got old, I wanted you back but I couldn’t find my way. Till I heard the soft whispers of your words and your gentle touch on my heart on the 5th of February 2013.

I found my way back to you and gave you my heart. This time I was serious. Your love overwhelmed me, changed me, now all I think about is you. A week spent loving you felt like a month and I was happy. Coming to seek your face is a pleasure. I would raise my voice higher to make sure you heard every word I said, I would sing to you with all my heart just to show you how much your love had touched me. Every step I took was aimed at pleasing you. You meant that much to me.

I only had to ask and you gave me without holding back, even when I had nothing but my heart to give back. On Valentine’s Day I took your love for granted, automatically assuming that you would be my Val, and not knowing that others wanted your hand. I was in the shower when I realized my mistake and I ran to write you a valentine poem and ask you to my Val. It was late but you accepted my proposal turning others away.  You even sent me cake when I had no gift for you. That was the extent of your love.

We recently celebrated our two week’s anniversary. I decided to fast knowing the feast you had for me afterwards would be great. And you showed yourself strong. I thought I had felt the extent of your love but you showed me more love than was humanly possible and I bowed under the weight of your love.

And here I am writing this letter just to say I love you and thank you for loving me even when it seemed like a hopeless journey.

To Jesus, my first love,


Being Single…..

I’m single. Yes, I said it. And it’s not because I’m so much in love with myself. But that’s just the way it is.  I see every day tweets and posts from people saying that being in a relationship is overrated and being single is the new relationship. Well, they say the grass looks greener on the other side. From my side I can say being single is greatly overrated.
There are moments in your life that you want to share with someone special. There are moments when you want to talk to someone because you trust them and they mean something to you, Moments when you want to be the subject of someone’s affection and attention, Moments when you just want to be held, Moments when you want to look into someone’s eyes and see they are looking back at you with the same passion. And trust me; you can’t have that when you’re single.
I’m sure at this point; you’re probably thinking “Nooo…”, “Bro before Hoes”, “Best friends over boys” or some reason to justify the reason why you’re alone. Probably because you don’t want to admit I’m right or you don’t want to admit you’re wrong. I justify myself by saying “G’s for life.” But then all your friends would probably meet girls they like and then the boys’ time becomes their time or when your best friends meet boys they are crazy about and they spend all their time with them and you end up being the third wheel. The only thing worse than not having your our relationship is being the third party in someone else’s.
Some people are just really picky about what they want. Some guys are like they want a pretty girl with that perfect body all guys talk about, but then a girl can’t have that all the things that we all desire. She could be pretty and short. Her body could be perfect but then her face might not be so. Or girls who go about saying they’re looking for Mr. Perfect. That guy that’s tall, dark and handsome. Your Mr. Perfect can’t have everything. He’s definitely going to be flawed one way or the other. I’ve learnt that either ways you can’t always get what you want; you might have to make do with what you have.
It gets worse when your family makes subtle comments about your apparent lack of a love life. They mention things they think are funny but are meant to pass a point. Openly talk about that one cousin or sister or brother’s relationship hoping you catch the drift and bring someone home. They joke about marriages and wedding bells and bring out the old photo albums of their wedding to try and prove to you that you’re making the biggest mistake you can think of. They pawn you off to that family friend’s daughter or son hoping they made the effort to correct your pathetic mistake of a love life. And when that doesn’t work and all else fails they question themselves and wonder where they went wrong in your upbringing. They wonder if they didn’t bring you up in the Godly way. And they ask you the one question that makes every parent feel like a failure, the one question that questions your sexuality. “Are you gay?”            Of course you’re not gay but try and convince parents who haven’t seen you with a girl or with anyone else for that matter.
Forgive me for being a bit old-fashioned but at this age in your life I feel that entering into a relationship is because you see a future in it. I feel you should enter into relationships because there is an end goal. And the end goal of every relationship is marriage. Yes that word that so many people see to dread nowadays. That word that spells doom. The legendary lock, key and bolt that so many people are running away from like it’s a plague.  I think it’s a beautiful thing when people marry the ones they love. *Silent Shalla to Deke and Dele*
Relationships shouldn’t be a bore or a chore. If it is then it’s probably because you are in the wrong one. Sure there are ups and downs but nothing is or can be perfect. You just have to admit you have differences and work past them. Taking breaks for yourself are worth it after a bad break-up to clear your head and refocus yourself. But the one thing I refuse to admit is that relationships are overrated. It isn’t supposed to be if you are in one with someone you love.