TTG Journal

The vice-chancellor was preaching this evening. I drowned out his voice. It was bad enough that i was tired from sitting down and listening to people preach about life values, but the program had been going on for 6 days in a row and it wasn’t stopping now, I still had eight more days of this to go.
The chapel (our new venue) was hot. I was hot too, the tie that was a compulsory fixture around my neck wasn’t helping either. I had been in the same blue and red checkered shirt all day, going back to the hall didn’t make any sense in light of the tight schedule. (7-12, 2-4, and 7-10).
The guy beside me wasn’t helping at all. He was oozing and oozing bad. He probably had to rush out in the morning and didn’t have time for deodorant and he had worn a suit (he probably defended today)
Some people thought it was coming from someone’s shoe but I knew better. I was tired from hearing a certain person’s voice, and the fact that I was getting barely any sleep. It was bad enough that they moved us from the lecture theater with its cold air conditioning that pulled you to sleep, with its bizarre arrangement that prevented all the gingered officers from moving as free as they wanted, meaning that we were free to play with our tabs, and browse as much as we wanted because the Internet was fast enough. Sleeping was encouraged because well the probability of you getting caught was low enough.
The light went off for a brief second and it was back on. The vc kept on talking. And the lights came back on with the speakers giving off a buzzing sound. The technical crew members had apparently slept off on their office high above in the gallery.
Apart from not getting sleep I wasn’t even eating well. My mother would probably wail if she knew my diet. I was living on noreos and a prayer. Most of the halls were closed except from Joseph and Daniel and the butteries were locked down for the better part of the period. The cafeteria served a limited variety of food. Most of the staff that worked there had been sent off. No pepper rice, or none of those foods that were sold outside cafe. 3 noreos cost 50 Naira, apparently niggas were taking advantage of the lack of food to nourish their pockets. A bootle of hot Pepsi or mirinda (personally hot mirinda was the better option) cost 150. I looked in my wallet today and thought if things went on like this I’d probably be skinner than I started with. (And trust me I was skinny enough)
Bankole and bimbo were behind me talking about love and stuff and bankole was calling her all the pet names he knew. 😥 rubbing it in a niggas face. I’m happy for them too. They look good together.
The only light in the tunnel was the iPad mini oluso had bought me. (Which someone tried to steal, but that is a story for another day, I’m still lamenting about TTG)
And so I’m sitting here, hot, sweaty, tired, typing on my iPad (which wasn’t all bad, and I’m going back to my games after I’m done typing this. 🙂 and they just took the light again 🙂 ) waiting for the program to end before someone to come and say something that would sound smart in his head and stupid after it leaves it.


TTG Journal: 06/22/13

I initially had plans to go home for the weekend, but apparently “the gods” had other plans in motion. Innocent guy thought TTG was starting Monday but then Thursday evening after exams had been done with and forgotten, they announced TTG for final year students while everyone else was going for departure service. I didn’t think too much about it till they announced that it would continue Saturday morning at 7 am.
All my plans had been scattered. I’d initially wanted to go home and drop my laptop because I felt that security would be lax during the period where only final year students would be in school alone, with all the other levels going home for their Long holiday. I would then pick up the iPad my brother had bought for me. But there was no way that would happen now.
I called the one person I knew would be able to help. Eni. I told her what had happened and how she should send my package to me. After a myriad of frantic calls, running around, it was settled.
A family friend was leaving school tomorrow and she would send my device before with the driver and I would send my laptop with my family friend. TTG started accordingly, I didn’t go early because I didn’t want anything to scatter the newly setup plan. I did go after a while, signed attendance and waited for a while before I decided I would leave. As I was about to leave the coordinator came in and announced that the bishop was coming.
The plans had been scattered again. My family friend had a sister in my course and they were going to wait to drop some things for her so I thought that all wasn’t lost. I could still rush out as soon as they were done, grab the device, sync my apps from my laptop and still give it to them to send home.
I did rush out as soon as they were gone, I did grab my device but it hadn’t been setup and it required an Internet connection to setup. There was none nearby and after trying every thing I could while waiting for my family friend to show up I still wasn’t ready. She was soon at the car and she didn’t even stay for long.

The driver had this cranky look in his eye after waiting for so long so I just thought “WTH!” And pulled my laptop down from the car with my iPad.
I set it up in the hall, and soon I was jolly holding my new iPad. My laptop was abandoned. Soon it was time for the evening session and I went with “le bestie”. Eventually the programme was over and we returned back to the hall and got noreos and a drink (living on noreos and a prayer)
Someone was shouting my name with desperation, “le bestie” and I came out and people were shouting “where is your laptop?”. Bobo was confused. I went up the stairs to my room. (Le bestie is on 200 and I’m on 400). Bestie followed soon after.
My wardrobe had been jacked, my iPad packaging was still there and so was every other thing except my laptop.
You know that look you give ur friend when the both of you know something other people don’t know. Well, that was the look I gave him, because my laptop wasn’t with me but with le bestie.
Apparently someone had heard the news and had decided to get lucky while we were away for TTG. I was blessed because I’d had a foreboding feeling about initially leaving my laptop in school and 400 floor was the most dangerous place because of the ceilings. The bandits had destroyed two of the toilets in their attempt and they had gotten away with stealing another laptop on the floor below.
Bestie and I were suprisingly cool about it. Some other people were taking panadol for a headache I didn’t even have.
But I wonder what would have happened if my laptop or iPad had been stolen?